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East Rightadown Farm are purveyors of the very finest quality meat available anywhere in North Devon. The focus of our meat boxes in Holsworthy is currently on beef, with our Limousin Cross and Aberdeen Angus cattle rendering juicy, tender, flavourful meat that enhances any meal. Every steer we rear is grass-fed and allowed to roam our pasture, for healthier, happier animals and a better quality of meat.

What marks our meat is quality, flavour and freshness, travelling straight from farm to butcher to your doorstep. We serve commercial and domestic customers so, whether you're looking to make the shopping trip a little lighter on the weekend or offer something special at your restaurant, we've got just what you need.

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Contact us today, on 07903 642 792 or by email at, to place your order from your local meat suppliers in Holsworthy. Enjoy delicious, local meat today.

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