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Who We Are

We're Michael and Jan, the owners and operators of East Rightadown Farm. We fell in love with farming a number of years ago when we raised lambs and found we had a bit of an affinity for the art of rearing animals. We figured that steers were a logical next step and, now, here we are!

We have a herd of Limousin Cross and Aberdeen Angus cattle, all free to roam our pastures and feed on the lush vegetation that covers it. We find that that leads to the best quality of life for our animals and the best quality meat for your dinner.

If you're looking to buy meat online, contact East Rightadown Farm today.

What We Do

East Rightadown Farm are producers and suppliers of delicious, ethically-reared meat, delivered to your doorstep in our meat boxes. In Holsworthy, or anywhere else in North Devon, you'll find the same range of delicious beef products, from larger joints, to fine-cut mince, to tender steaks. While we're a small holding, everything we produce is designed around our desire to supply the best-quality meat to families and businesses around North Devon.

For now, we're focused on beef but keep your eyes peeled! Soon, we'll be branching out into lamb, pork and poultry, so our offering can be even more diverse and even more delicious.


Always Fresh – Never Frozen

If you're looking to buy meat online, our fresh beef can be on your doorstep in no time! Contact us today, by calling 07903 642 792 or emailing to see what we have available.

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About Our Livestock

Our livestock is reared on a diet of grass and every animal is free to roam, exercise and life the healthy, fulfilling life they deserve, we are a small holding, allowing us to know and treat each animal individually. That means that, if they fall sick or require any kind of special treatment, we can provide it for them, ensuring their health.

This approach allows us to produce the highest-quality meat – quality over quantity! When it comes to preserving that quality, we know there's no substitute for individual attention.

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Different Cattle – Same Exceptional Quality

Our herd is made up of two different kinds of cattle. The first is Limousin Cross, a well-muscled breed known for producing lean and tender meat. The second is Aberdeen Angus – a famous breed, known for their high-quality meat and exceptional fat marbling, leading to those juicy, tender cuts, packed with flavour, that we all love.

If you're looking for the finest quality of meat, you can't do better than the meat from these two breeds. If you don't believe us, try for yourself today! Buy meat online and we'll deliver it right to your doorstep.


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For the Highest Quality Meat, Choose East Rightadown Farm

Mince, steak or complete joints, we'll bring it from farm to fork in no time! Call us on 07903 642 792 or email today to place your order.

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