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Farm to Table Produce, Delivered to You

Are you looking for delicious fresh beef, delivered straight to your doorstep? You're in the right place! East Rightadown Farm produce and deliver meat boxes in Holsworthy and all across North Devon, supplying you with fresh beef for any occasion. Whether you're sorting out the weekly shop or operating a restaurant and looking for something special to liven up the menu, our meat delivery in Holsworthy and across North Devon has you covered.

From tender steaks to juicy stewing cuts, mince and all manner of other beef, there's something for everyone to enjoy in all manner of different meals. Our Limousin Cross and Aberdeen Angus steers are all ethically raised, grass fed and well treated.

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What's Included

All of our packages are completely customisable but our basic package contains:

  • 3 Beef Joint
  • Stewing Meat
  • Mince
  • Steaks

Prices start from £165


If you're looking for the very highest quality meat delivery, in Holsworthy or anywhere else across North Devon, don't hesitate to get in touch today and order.

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What Are the Benefits of East Rightadown Farm Meat?


Every animal we rear is fed on a diet of grass and grass alone – there's no substitute for natural goodness and you'll taste that in every bite.

Every steer is free to roam in our pastures before arriving at your table.

Locally Reared

The food making up our meat delivery in Holsworthy is truly farm-to-table, produced locally, with our carbon footprint in mind.

We want to keep it small, so you'll find that what we bring to your table is reared just around the corner.

Convenient Delivery

Possibly the best thing about our produce (besides the flavour, of course) is that it's brought directly to your door!

Never frozen, our meat comes straight from farm, to butcher, to fork, just when you need it.

Ethical Animal Treatment

Every animal we raise is given space to roam in our pastures, fed on grass and treated as an individual.

We're a small holding, allowing us to devote the right amount of attention to every steer in our herd.





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Delivery Information

  • To place an order for meat delivery in Holsworthy, simply give us a call on 07903 642 792 or email
  • We take an initial 10% deposit upon order and the other 90% is payable upon delivery. The same is true for commercial customers, with the 90% balance payable by cash or card. We understand that many business cards take a premium for their usage but, don't worry, our prices are the same, regardless of whether you use a business card or not.
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